Are all powerlifters on steroids

Before I talk about Garry Frank and Andy Bolton's battle, I would like to point out a lifter who much has the biggest quads I've ever seen. Donald Thompson, Jr came second to Frank doing a 2425 total. I look for this monster to do over 1000 in the new year. He also on the heels of Frank who, like a juggernaut, keeps rollin' and rollin' and doesn't look like he's stopping though too. Frank was heard to weighing close to the 400 mark ...although it seems to have made him a monster in strength. Frank was also intent on breaking the deadlift record made by Andy Bolton. Bolton was the first to raise the bar to 927 and then Frank raised it even further winning his class with a deadlift of 931!!

However, that is not where his story begins – it was a long road to the top. As a freshman in high school, he weighed 140 pounds at 6’ 1” and was one of the weakest kids on a small high school football team and didn’t bench press 135 pounds until he was 16 years old. Dedicating himself to becoming a bigger and better athlete, he graduated at 260 pounds at 6’ 2” while playing linebacker. He continued to naturally bulk up through his college football career at a playing weight of 335 pounds at 6’ 3”. Through his powerlifting career he has continued to pack on the muscle and strength and now weighs 375 pounds. Every single pound of muscle and pound on his squat has been achieved through a drug-free lifestyle and he has remained a drug-free athlete his entire life.

Are all powerlifters on steroids

are all powerlifters on steroids


are all powerlifters on steroidsare all powerlifters on steroidsare all powerlifters on steroidsare all powerlifters on steroidsare all powerlifters on steroids