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Bayer’s roots in Africa go back to 1920, when it first began marketing its products there.

Today Bayer is represented throughout the continent, from Casablanca to Cape Town. Bayer’s business is managed by the affiliates in the three country groups North, West and Central Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa . Health care and crop protection are major fields of activity, and production plants are located in Morocco and South Africa.

The countries of the Middle East bridge the gap between Europe and the Far East. Bayer has been present with its products in this region since the late 1880s and markets its entire product portfolio there.

One of Schering-Plough's plants, in Upper Hutt, New Zealand was the largest single site for the production of veterinary vaccines in the world. [ citation needed ] This was primarily because New Zealand 's isolation has formed a natural quarantine , leaving the country free of rabies , foot and mouth , scrapie , bovine spongiform encephalopathy , and many other livestock diseases. It formerly had echinococcosis , but this has been eradicated. The site was known locally as Coopers Animal Health, a trademark which originated in the 1850s with a British company, Cooper & Nephews ; the Coopers brand name was still in use by Schering-Plough in Australia, but not elsewhere. [13]

Bayer schering pharma steroids

bayer schering pharma steroids


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