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It involves extraction of specific organic analyte directly from the head space of the samples in closed vials, onto a fused silica fiber coated with polydimethyl siloxane the polymeric liquid phase, polydimethyl-siloxane or polyacrylate. After equilibration, the fiber containing the adsorbed or absorbed analyte(s) is removed and thermally desorbed in the hot injector of a GC using appropriate column and detector with or without cryofocusing. The technique is very simple, fast and does not employ any organic solvents either for sample preparation or cleanup. The SPME method has been developed for the analysis of polar residual solvent in pharmaceutical preparations [ 48 - 49 ]. The most important step for successful residual solvent analysis is the development of a stable, selective, sensitive and precise method of analysis of compounds with different volatility and polarities. SPME was introduced by Pawliszyn [ 42 ] as a solvent free alternative for extraction of organic compounds from water samples. More recently, SPME has gained popularity for determination of organic impurities in pharmaceutical compounds. SPME is a solvent less technique for the extraction of analyte from different matrices.

Prior to Kolltan, Mr. Campbell spent over 13 years working in the financial services industry and as an independent business development consultant, the majority of which was as an investment banker focusing on the life sciences industry. During this time, Jay was a business development consultant to ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in connection with the company’s review of strategic alternatives that culminated in the sale of the company to Bausch & Lomb in 2012. Mr. Campbell previously worked at Maxim Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, ABN AMRO, Rothschild, and Schroders. Throughout his career, Jay has successfully worked on 25 financing, licensing, and M&A transactions representing more than $ billion. Jay also serves as a member of the board of directors of Update Pharma, Inc., a privately held clinical-stage small molecule company focused on developing overlooked or underutilized anti-cancer drugs.

Biomed pharmaceuticals steroids

biomed pharmaceuticals steroids


biomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroidsbiomed pharmaceuticals steroids