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The other players involved all agreed to deals that included a waiver of the right to appeal. [12] Cruz blamed a gastrointestinal infection for his drug use and remarked that faced with the weight loss from the infection he was unsure he would be physically able to play and "made an error in judgment that I deeply regret, and I accept full responsibility for that error." [8] An emotional Cabrera said he had taken a banned substance for four days in 2012 to aid in injury recovering before stopping because "I realized it wasn't necessary. My heart and my conscience was killing me." [12] Peralta remarked "I take full responsibility for my actions, have no excuses for my lapse in judgment and I accept my suspension." [12]

Smith's debut was by any measure a disappointing one. Across 49 games in August and September, he hit a paltry .198 with a .658 OPS and failed to demonstrate either the smooth glove or the smooth swing that brought him to the majors in the first place. The one positive is that he showed the potential for real power for the first time in his career, hitting nine home runs with an isolated slugging close to .200. He still does not compare favorably to the average first baseman in that area, but he has shown consistent improvement year over year.

Cabrera tigers steroids

cabrera tigers steroids


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