Eggsteroids viking lander location

The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide , as told by the Mighty Eagle : TOUCH-DOWN
Fresh from their victory in Utopia, the Space Flock heard disturbing rumors about a red planet on the other side of a pig-shaped nebula. The Space Birds investigated, only to narrowly avoid a plummeting satellite. They watched open-beaked as a parachute unfurled, bringing the strange craft safely down on the planet's scarlet sands. A robotic rover buggy trundled out onto the red planet, ready to explore - but the Space Piggies were nearby and had different plans. The swine swooped in, stealing the space buggy, hoping to convert it into the ultimate egg-snatcher.

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Eggsteroids viking lander location

eggsteroids viking lander location


eggsteroids viking lander locationeggsteroids viking lander locationeggsteroids viking lander location