Emotional effects of steroid abuse

Children may portray a wide range of reactions to the exposure of domestic violence in their home. The preschool and kindergarten child does not understand the meaning of the abuse and may believe they did something wrong, this self-blame may cause the child feelings of guilt, worry , and anxiety. [19] Younger children do not have the ability to express their feelings verbally and these emotions can cause behavioral problems. They may become withdrawn, non-verbal, and have regressed behaviors such as clinging and whining. Other common behaviors for a child being a victim of domestic violence are eating and sleeping difficulty, and concentration problems. [20]

If you love him, he must see that in you. The worst thing to do is respond with anger back beccause it will justify to him why he treats you negatively. You have to almost become a therapist by allowing him to talk because he will eventually tell you why he is angry with you or blaming you. Don't allow his behavior to influence you negatively, then you will require more than a book to fix your situation. Find your self worth and be subtle in requesting him to meet your standands, he is looking for something/someone to value and add positive meaning to his life. You can't blame him because he is acting out, there is a trigger in your interaction that sets him off. It may not be personally you but a familiar situation or thing that you unconsciously do to create a stir in him...talk to him when he is calm and do not allow him to control you. Read 1 Peter 3:1.

It's no surprise, once you understand the distress that soldiers experience during war, that they find it hard to be the same, emotionally, ever again. Some may say that their inability to form close bonds with loved ones is due to the experience of near death and the fear that they will leave someone behind. The emotional effects of war on soldiers very often hinders their future achievements too as they find it impossible to imagine or plan. Veterans of war who experience PTSD without adequate counseling and care often do not marry or have children, perhaps because they have experienced near death and have severe difficulty letting go of the idea that they may die any day.

Emotional effects of steroid abuse

emotional effects of steroid abuse


emotional effects of steroid abuseemotional effects of steroid abuseemotional effects of steroid abuseemotional effects of steroid abuseemotional effects of steroid abuse