Enquistamiento por esteroides

Very likely the Philippines will defend with inexpressible valor the liberty secured at the price of so much blood and sacrifice. With the new men that will spring from their soil and with the recollection of their past, they will perhaps strive to enter freely upon the wide road of progress, and all will labor together to strengthen their fatherland, both internally and externally, with the same enthusiasm with which a youth falls again to tilling the land of his ancestors, so long wasted and abandoned through the neglect of those who have withheld it from him. Then the mines will be made to give up their gold for relieving distress, iron for weapons, copper, lead and coal. Perhaps the country will revive the maritime and mercantile life for which the islanders are fitted by their nature, ability and instincts, and once more free, like the bird that leaves its cage, [109]like the flower that unfolds to the air, will recover the pristine virtues that are gradually dying out and will again become addicted to peace—cheerful, happy, joyous, hospitable and daring.

Trophozoite growth was not inhibited by 100–1,000 μg/mL CR after 8 days of incubation in BI-S-33 medium. However, low levels of growth were observed with 2,000 μg/mL of dye. No significant differences in morphologically viable (hyaline) cyst production occurred after 24–48 h, when 100 μg CR/mL was used, while the highest concentration of CR (2,000 μg/mL) resulted in a significant decrease of hyaline cyst yield; dead cysts prevailed in cultures, particularly at 72 h of CR treatment. Differentiation of amebas incubated in the presence of 500–2,000 μg/mL CR produced abnormal chitin deposits, rendering irregularly thick or double cell walls, as shown by transmission and scanning electron microscopy. Cyst cultures obtained under 100 μg/mL CR produced as many trophozoites as did the control when they were incubated in BI-S-33, but only low numbers of trophozoites were found in culture cysts obtained under higher CR doses.

Enquistamiento por esteroides

enquistamiento por esteroides


enquistamiento por esteroidesenquistamiento por esteroidesenquistamiento por esteroidesenquistamiento por esteroidesenquistamiento por esteroides