Hay dos ventanas anabolicas

Desafortunadamente, y como siempre, el sistema de sonido no esta preparado, los micrófonos y el piano electrónico no se han encendido y lo peor, dos de los cables que se necesitan no están en su lugar. El hermano Joaquin (que le dicen Quincho de cariño) esta tratando de poner el sistema de sonido en orden, pero tiene temor de encenderlo y conectar todo pues el hermano encargado y músico principal, Mario no llega todavía. El pastor le pregunta al hermano Quincho si Mario llamó para avisar a que hora llegaría a la iglesia, pero le dice que no. El hermano Quincho no se atreve a decirle al pastor que el hermano Mario se enoja si alguien se atreve a encender el sistema de sonido sin que él este presente, pues Mario se cree dueño y señor del sistema de sonido.

I came for the weekend to visit the city with my son. I am coming from Miami and let me tell you that the best Vaca Frita I had so far is from Mi Cuba Cafe. Miami has a LOTS of Cuban restaurant and I could not believe that I had to come all the way from Mia to find this amazing restaurant. I am so glad that DC has a place like this, I felt at home. The owner was there, she was aware of everyone needs. the price is good and they serve a lot of food. I am so glad I found this place. My son loved the congriz and he end up eating my arroz con frijoles. Keep it up and I hope you maintain the cousine

Then I remembered that making lists is my favorite pastime. I love making lists. If I am preparing a new class, I make a list. If I am packing, I make a list. When I am bored, I make lists. Grocery shopping, housework, books I want to read… list, list and list. Hello, my name is Franko, and I am a list freak . So, I am going to give it to you straight. A minimalist list of Spanish idioms, served cold, with their literal meanings, figurative meanings and usage examples on the side. A serious, politically correct, mature list of Spanish idioms. But no humor or jokes this time.

Hay dos ventanas anabolicas

hay dos ventanas anabolicas


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