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The bottom line is simple; to receive legal anabolic steroids you need a prescription and while performance enhancement is not considered a justifiable reason that doesn’t mean you are prohibited from enjoying any performance boost your legal prescription may bring you. Further, and there is no way to deny it, as the law reads regarding anabolic hormones in the . it is one of the more confusing and perplexing of all time and one of the few laws that while it has no leg to stand on still somehow remains firm. Have you ever read any of the little funny laws that may still exist in your town or state; often these are laws written many years ago yet remain on the books, such as it being illegal to herd sheep through the downtown square or illegal to wear a purple hat on Thursdays if you got a haircut on Tuesday. In many ways the current anabolic steroid laws hold less ground than some of these very ridiculous sounding laws yet the truth remains it is the law and until a change comes the only way legal anabolic steroids can be obtained is through a prescription issued for a viable medical purpose.

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Legal steroids bodybuilding forum

legal steroids bodybuilding forum


legal steroids bodybuilding forumlegal steroids bodybuilding forumlegal steroids bodybuilding forumlegal steroids bodybuilding forumlegal steroids bodybuilding forum