Optimum anabolics program workout

I personally used the Optimum Anabolics Program for 7 weeks. It has to be the most thoroughly thoughtout system that I have ever used. Everything is formatted for you, the exercises, the reps, the sets, the rest durations and the diet. Every workout has a printable table so you can monitor your progress and record the weights you are lifting. Jeff also includes accurate ways of determining your lean bodyfat percentages. The workouts are awesome and at times very taxing even to an experienced lifter like myself. But the results are awesome, at first I was skeptical of the claims, but after 7 short weeks of the program I am a big believer. In just the short 7 weeks my bodyfat percentage dropped from 23% to 20% with a subsequent increase in lean bodyweight of 3lbs (muscle), my definition improved leaps and bounds. Make no mistake this is the real thing GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!

about what exercises to choose, how much weight to use, what to eat, and what "secret" supplements to use. Joe sets out once again, following everything Big Jake tells him, positive he now has the missing links to maximum growth. Fortunately, SOME of what Big Jake told Joe was enough to move him out of his plateau...temporarily! Within three weeks, he finds his strength and size stalemated again. Frustrated, Joe decides to turn to the "EXPERTS". He goes to the local grocery store and picks up every BODYBUILDING MAGAZINE they have and begins his research. Obviously, with arms and legs the size of telephone poles and a chest the size of a small SUV, ANYTHING these pros have to say MUST be gospel...

Optimum anabolics program workout

optimum anabolics program workout


optimum anabolics program workoutoptimum anabolics program workoutoptimum anabolics program workoutoptimum anabolics program workoutoptimum anabolics program workout