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The musical score for Rocky IV was composed by Vince DiCola , who would later compose the music for The Transformers: The Movie . Rocky IV is the only film in the series not to feature original music by Bill Conti , who was replaced by DiCola; however, it does features arrangements of themes composed by Conti from previous films in the series, such as "The Final Bell". Conti, who was too busy with the first two Karate Kid films at the time, would return for Rocky V and Rocky Balboa . Conti's famous piece of music from the Rocky series, " Gonna Fly Now ", does not appear at all in Rocky IV (the first time in the series this happened), though a few bars of it are incorporated into DiCola's training montage instrumental.

Details remain sketchy on how things turned out for Drago in the aftermath of his defeat to Rocky Balboa at the end of Rocky IV . According to Rocky: The Ultimate Guide , the Russian returned home in disgrace and was not allowed to continue as a boxer. He eventually did turn professional after the fall of the Soviet Union and accumulated a solid enough record of 14 wins, one loss, no draws and 14 knockouts. However Drago never came close to winning a major title and never fought another top contender again, because of politics in the sport at the time.

His geek flag flew higher when he opened up his own gaming development house, Tigon Studios , just because he was tired of people making crappy games based on movies. The very fabric of existence was rent asunder when, to the shocked and frightened gasps of a reviewing public, it turned out The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay , the first video game based on a movie since Goldeneye was not just better than the movie, but better than just about every other game that came out that year. It's average review score was 90 percent, according to MetaCritic.

Rocky 4 russian steroids

rocky 4 russian steroids


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