Stanozolol depot bula

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DHT is a potent agonist of the AR, and is in fact the most potent known endogenous ligand of the receptor. It has an affinity (K d ) of to  nM for the human AR, which is about 2- to 3-fold higher than that of testosterone (K d = to  nM) [44] and 15–30 times higher than that of adrenal androgens . [45] In addition, the dissociation rate of DHT from the AR is 5-fold slower than that of testosterone. [46] The EC 50 of DHT for activation of the AR is  nM, which is about 5-fold stronger than that of testosterone (EC 50 =  nM). [47] In bioassays , DHT has been found to be - to 10-fold more potent than testosterone. [44]

Stanozolol depot bula

stanozolol depot bula


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