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In a July post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “open to working with members of Congress and anyone else” to protect net neutrality. It’s possible that meaningful collaboration is happening behind the scenes—the committee spokesperson told Gizmodo that the companies invited by the committee are participating in backchannel discussions—but it’s annoying that the conversation isn’t happening in a public hearing next week, especially given the overwhelming public interest . Ultimately the result is less transparency for the millions of citizens who’ve followed the net neutrality debate, all because the committee only wanted to speak to CEOs, and the CEOs, perhaps fearing the outcome of a public grilling, refused suck it up and testify.

In NY state NPs are independent practitioners. That means they are not working under direct supervision of MD, they work in collaboration with physician which is a huge difference. So please, before you post anything on the internet make sure you familiarize yourself with the subject (otherwise your statements are missleading to others). Also, maybe if you didn’t lie to those who injected Botox for you (before you found your perfect physician), your results would be much better. So instead of saying someone was incompetent, maybe you should say: “I lied and this is the reason why my results were not what I expected.” Just think about this: who in their career do you think gives more injections: a docot or a nurse? MDs, NPs, PAs, RNs all have to take Anatomy and Physiology classes, but who injects the most? During my certification I saw many MDs whos hands were shaking while holding the syringe (one client even said:”I don’t want him to touch my face”), nurses had no problem…

Super dmz vs steroids

super dmz vs steroids


super dmz vs steroidssuper dmz vs steroids