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Hi there. I have had something strange happen with my 25 year course of Hashimoto’s. The first thing was I started needing less Naturethroid after popping out some salivary gland stones. That was two years ago. Six months ago, I cut back meat in my diet (from daily to about three times a week) and added potassium iodine (250 mcg a day) and a high quality spirulina (various dose, but I’d say an avg. of 1 TBSP a day, sometimes up to 4). I started having hyperthyroid symptoms. My blood tests showed a total t4/reverse t-3 ratio of 20. My total t3 was very high, free t-3 marginally high, total and free t4 normal, and tsh normal (not suppressed). What happened here? Is this a common detox response? I decreased my naturethroid dose again, from g to 1 grain, and started feeling hypo within two weeks. Now my tests are marginally hypo, esp. the T4. I still feel like crap and have lost half of my hair. My doctor is now adding 25 mcg of Syntrhoid, which i will try, because i”m desperate to feel better. I am 45, and my periods are occasionally shorter and crazier, but otherwise no sign of menopause. Should I stop the iodine? Resume daily meat? Any insights more than welcome. Sabine

If you do want to throw T3 in, I'd say keep everything else the same and use the protocol I mention at the end of my last (too damn long) post. 50mcg would probably be overdoing it at first - try introducing it earlier on but at a lower dose, like 25. That'll be enough to compensate for any natural thyroid drop from the dieting and then some. Then ramp it up after a week or two if you respond well. The main problem with T3 is that it initially feels so mild, sides-wise, that you can easily take yourself up to an amount where the sides suddenly bum rush you. Don't do that: take the time to figure out what you can handle. Also, depending on various factors you may need to compensate for the hunger due to the extra energy loss - I do this with low-carb dieting, but drug-wise the EC stack is (anecdotally) a little more effective than clen. On the other hand, clen will give you more fat loss so it's up to you.

T3 steroids info

t3 steroids info


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