Yoel romero steroids

“There’s been a lot of talk about fighting, but never has anything significant been proposed. It’s all rumor and talks. If I go up in weight class, I need time to gain weight and adjust myself for that challenge. At that time, I was very busy. I had challenge after challenge. I was fighting all these guys at 170 that were challenging me one after the other. So if I do something, I want to focus on it and do it well. That’s why I’ve been preparing myself for more than six months to fight Bisping. And I put on some weight, and I feel good now, it feels natural, and I’m ready to go.”

Sure, he’s clean.  The one time Silver Medalist in wrestling will probably say he didn’t do anything, that it’s tainted (again: horse meat) and so on.  More than that though, Romero is old.  He’ll turn 39 in April and would be subject to an automatic two year suspension if found to violated the UFC’s drug policy.  41 and out for two years?  I’d say Mr. Romero better pray that his “Soldier of God” moniker has earned him a miracle reprieve from The Big Guy because otherwise his career is probably over.

Yoel romero steroids

yoel romero steroids


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